Jindal For President - If Sec. Clinton Won ’t Answer Questions, She Shouldn ’t Run for President

Jindal for President


Good afternoon everyone,

You will have seen the comments made earlier today by Secretary Clinton, in which she hid behind the fact that she was Secretary of State during part of the review process, claiming that this prevents her from expressing a view on the issue.

She even admitted that she would not take a position on the project until President Obama and Secretary Kerry have done it for her, saying “If it’s undecided when I become President, I will answer your question”.

Here is a statement from Gov Jindal:

“Secretary Clinton has spent her entire campaign dodging questions. If she refuses to tell the voters where she stands on important issues like the Keystone pipeline, she shouldn’t be running for President.

“What other questions does Hillary Clinton think that her time as Secretary of State excuses her from answering? Does she expect to be elected President without letting people know what they are voting for?"

Gov Jindal also called out her lack of leadership via twitter. @HillaryClinton has so far refused to respond.


Kyle Plotkin


Gov. Bobby Jindal ‏@BobbyJindal  2h2 hours ago

.@HillaryClinton punts on Keystone pipeline. Then again, what difference does it make?#Leadership

Gov. Bobby Jindal ‏@BobbyJindal  2h2 hours ago

.@HillaryClinton, if you refuse to tell the voters where you stand on Keystone, perhaps you shouldn't be running for President. #ChatClimate