NHDP - Speaker Jasper Makes Clear GOP Doesn’t Focus on Fiscal Responsibility, Long-Term Economic Future

Concord, N.H. – On NHPR’s “The Exchange,” GOP Speaker Shawn Jasper made clear that Republican budget writers have never been focused on fiscal responsibility and New Hampshire’s long-term economic future.
On Republicans’ approach to budgeting, Jasper said, “We never focus on [the future]… we focus on the here and now.”
Jasper was referring to the Republicans’ unpaid-for corporate tax giveaways that blow a $90 million hole in future budgets threatening the state’s ability to invest in priorities like higher education, public safety, and safe roads and bridges. Jasper’s comments neglect the fact that because the fiscally irresponsible Republican budget is unbalanced, it would actually place these critical economic priorities (and more) at risk in both the short-term and long-term.