Jindal For President - Gov. Jindal “Piques Curiosities ” In Iowa

Happy day after the Fourth of July. I hope everyone had the chance to relax and celebrate. 

I wanted to share a quick update from the road. 

Yesterday marked the end to Governor Jindal’s five-day campaign swing in Iowa where he made 16 stops across the state. 

While many Republican candidates spent the Fourth of July in New Hampshire, it appears Governor Jindal was the ONLY Republican presidential candidate in Iowa for the parades. In between parade stops, we stopped at Scheels to buy a new shirt because Governor Jindal had sweat through his shirt after running back and forth along the Urbandale parade route. 

The Governor’s five-day trip across Iowa confirmed what we have always known – his record, his vision for the country, his ability to answer any tough question, and his knack for retail politics resonates with Iowans.

Large audiences greeted Governor Jindal at multiple stops, including some events with overflow crowds. Indeed, as Linh Ta of the Des Moines Register put it, Governor Jindal has piqued the curiosity of Iowans and they are “intrigued” by his personality.

Kenny Linhart said, “He certainly is capable of running this nation because of his experience in Louisiana.” Garry McGinnis said Governor Jindal is “well spoken and answered the questions intelligently.”

After the parade stops on Saturday, the Des Moines Register reported that “Many of the people he spoke to, although not positive they will ultimately caucus for him, expressed support because of his conservative values and what they described as his genuine demeanor.”

This swing will be the first of many throughout Iowa. Governor Jindal wants to earn this nomination. He will treat this campaign the same way he treated his two landslide elections for Governor in Louisiana. The Governor will go everywhere in the state and answer the tough questions about his experience and where he wants to take the country. 

Look forward to seeing you on the trail,

Kyle Plotkin

Communications Director

Jindal for President