While Top NH Dems Push Liberal Former Speaker Terie Norelli For Governor


Concord - Disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is personally recruiting Governor Maggie Hassan to run for United States Senate in 2016. POLITICO reports that Reid recently called Hassan "as part of the [Democrat] party's full-court press to urge New Hampshire's governor to run in [New Hampshire's} marquee Senate race." Last week, a Super PAC connected to Senator Reid started running dishonest ads attacking Senator Kelly Ayotte.


"It is obvious that Governor Hassan is focused on launching partisan political attacks to advance her political career and impress Washington liberals like Harry Reid. Instead of plotting her United States Senate campaign with Beltway insiders, the governor should be focused on moving New Hampshire forward by fixing the budget crisis caused by her irresponsible, politically-motivated veto," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn.


Reid's recruitment efforts come as the New Hampshire Democrat establishment floats liberal former House Speaker Terie Norelli as their leading candidate to replace Hassan as governor. In an interview with National Journal, former State Democrat Party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan praised "[Terie] Norelli in particular," saying that were the former Speaker to run to replace Hassan, "she would instantly be a credible candidate."


"The decision by senior Democrats to float Terie Norelli as a candidate for governor is a clear indication that Maggie Hassan is getting ready to ditch her gubernatorial responsibilities and selfishly run for higher office. Terie Norelli is a tax-and-spend liberal who has voted for a disastrous income tax that would destroy the New Hampshire Advantage. She is radically out of step with the Granite State's fiscally responsible values and would make a poor governor."




POLITICO: "[Harry Reid] has called New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan as part of the [Democrat] party's full-court press to urge New Hampshire's governor to run in the state's marquee Senate race." (Manu Raju, "Harry Reid's Final Campaign," POLITICO, 7/7/15)


WMUR: "A pro-Democratic political action committee with close ties to Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is launching a digital advertising campaign Monday targeting Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte..." (John DiStaso, "Pro-Democratic PAC hits Ayotte with digital ad campaign," WMUR, 6/29/15)


National Journal: "[Kathy Sullivan] praised a number of potential female candidates, but Norelli in particular" "Former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan expects multiple Democrats to throw their hats into the 2016 governor's race if it's an open seat. 'If it's an open race, there will definitely be a primary. I have no doubt there will be a primary,' Sullivan said. She praised a number of potential female candidates, but Norelli in particular. Were Norelli to run, Sullivan said, 'she would instantly be a credible candidate.' Norelli was not available for comment." (Karyn Bruggeman, "Women Gubernatorial Prospects Few and Far Between in 2016," National Journal, 7/6/15)