Women's Defense League of NH - Governor Hassan's Veto of SB 116 Concealed Carry

Governor Hassan to Continue 100 years of Discrimination and seeks justice only for the wealthy

After thousands of phone calls, emails, letters and petition signatures on top of overwhelming testimonial support for Senate Bill 116, Governor Maggie Hassan decided to stand with out-of-state gun control extremist Michael Bloomberg over New Hampshire residents and veto the bill.

The Women's Defense League has spent countless hours researching the racist and discriminatory origins of the bill. We spent countless hours talking with women across the state who have been discriminated against when applying for their pistol license for simply being women.

The League gave Governor Hassan pages of information and survey results about the current pistol license law and how it truly is a law that allows racism, gender bias and discrimination.

We never could have believed the Governor would continue almost 100 years of despicable discrimination, but our worst fears have now been confirmed. The Governor claims to be a proponent of both women's rights and gay rights yet she has chosen to continue allowing both women and gays to be discriminated against in New Hampshire.

Her solution to this discrimination when asked was for the victim 'go to court'. To Governor Hassan, only the wealthy will get justice while those who cannot afford expensive attorney fees do not.

To the single Mother who is denied her right due to discrimination, this could be financially unattainable. To the abused or stalked woman who needs to immediately protect herself, this could literally be deadly. These women would either have to become criminals and risk breaking the law thanks to the state-sanctioned discrimination Governor Hassan has continued to allow or risk their lives.

It is a sad day for women's rights in New Hampshire.