NHDP - ICYMI: GOP Rep Compares N.H. Law Enforcement Officers to Nazis

Concord, N.H. – Yesterday, Governor Hassan stood up for law enforcement and public safety, vetoing a radical gun bill that’s not only opposed by 71% of Granite Staters but also the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.
So how did State House Republicans respond? By comparing the New Hampshire law enforcement officers who opposed the radical bill to Nazis.
See below for the full story from Miscellany Blue:
Miscellany Blue: Rep. Burt blames law enforcement for concealed carry veto: ‘Hitler’s men remained silent also’
In Facebook comments blasting Gov. Maggie Hassan for her veto of legislation that would have repealed the license requirement for carrying a concealed firearm, state Rep. John Burt compared New Hampshire law enforcement officials to German officials who failed to speak out against Hitler.
The Goffstown Republican, who led the successful push to allow guns on the House floor earlier this year, called the governor’s veto “Government Tyranny at its worst” and criticised law enforcement for opposing the measure.
When a supporter questioned Burt’s criticism by suggesting “street cops” did not oppose the bill but “remained silent so they wouldn’t face reprisals from their chiefs,” Burt responded angrily.
“So the next time I am getting a lot of heat for speaking up should I just, ‘remain silent so I wouldn’t face reprisals?’ “ he asked. “They are just as guilty. Hitlers men remained silent also. Silence is not always the better side to be on.”
"I would hope you realize there is a huge difference between troops committing genocide and officers not choosing to voice their opinion on a bill,” the supporter countered.
"There is some difference but not speaking up is not speaking up,” Burt answered. “What scares me is what else are they willing to stay silent on? I have not stayed silent and I have threats against me and my home from local union members. And others. So again should I stay silent? I think not and they should not either.”