Rio Tilton wins in a landslide, Rep. Max Abramson's statement

Rio Tilton won his special election in Hampton Falls and Seabrook with 765 votes to 375 for Elaine Andrews Ahearn, or 68-32%.  Voters came to the Seabrook Community Center to vote complaining about the constant, negative barrage of attacks on the 19 year old college student, who is stepson to former Seabrook Fire Chief Jeff Brown.  Senator Nancy Stiles and several representatives held signs and volunteered in support of Rio.
Statement by Representative Max Abramson, also of Rockingham 20:
For the fourth special election in a row, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has gone negative and outspent Republicans.  For the fourth time, Republicans have defeated their big government agenda by offering the alternative of smaller government and local control.  Voters have been telling us that they prefer the "smaller government, local control message" to the countless negative mailers, calls, and emails from the Democrats.
In each special election, friends, relatives, neighbors, and fellow Republican state representatives have turned out grass roots support for these Republican candidates, beating the Democrats' strategy of campaigning from Concord.
Rep. Max Abramson
Hampton Falls and Seabrook