Jindal For President - Gov. Jindal: Shrinking Army Will Have Dangerous Consequences

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor Jindal issued the following statement:

Governor Jindal said, "One day after President Obama said ISIS cannot be defeated with guns, but instead with 'better ideas,' he announced his intention to shrink the Army by 40,000 troops. This is gravely concerning. 

"The hollowing out of our military has been happening for years, but President Obama is exacerbating the problem at a fragile time. 

"The forces behind Radical Islam are looking at an America today with a President who is projecting weakness on the world stage. He's projecting weakness by depleting the tools of hard power and using rhetoric more fit for a college classroom than a battlefield. 

"The Pentagon has made it clear that these cuts will effect nearly every Army command.  This downsizing will have dangerous real world consequences.  This will take the Army down to the lowest troop levels since just before World War Two, and will make it highly unlikely that we can meet multiple threats in multiple theaters at the same time. Even a very casual look at current world affairs shows the folly of this action. 

"We have the finest military in the world and we need to give them the tools to defeat our enemies. We need to take the political handcuffs off the military. It's time we send a message to Radical Islam that we are not here to coddle them, but here to eliminate them.

"Peace through strength is not just a slogan, it's a strategy. When our military is feared and respected, there is less need to use it."