Carly For America - DNC Comes After Carly


 It’s been an amazing few days after Carly's triumphant victory in Thursday night’s debate. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle are raving about her performance, as are the voters. On Friday in Georgia, Carly received a hero’s welcome at the Red State Gathering (where she received three standing ovations from the packed crowd), followed by a reception filled with hundreds of Carly supporters. And after stellar performances on three Sunday morning shows, Carly attended an event at Tommy’s Ham House in Greenville, South Carolina that was so large, the restaurant was at capacity.

But Carly’s success is clearly scaring Hillary Clinton and her Democrat allies at the DNC – so much so that Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went on MSNBC Friday morning to lodge deceptive and misleading attacks against Carly’s record at Hewlett-Packard. Of course, this isn’t anything new. Since Democrats know they can’t win on the issues, and that Carly is right when she says Hillary Clinton isn’t trustworthy, they resort to personal attacks and divisive rhetoric.

Before the Clinton Camp circles its wagons and paints a target on Carly's back, we at CARLY for America wanted to make sure you get the facts! You can help us fight the Democrats' lies about Carly and arm yourself with the real story by visiting There you will learn all about Carly’s successful tenure at HP, as well as how she worked her way up from a secretary in a small firm to the CEO of a FORTUNE 20 company.

And make sure to check out HP Rhetoric v. Reality: Debbie Wasserman Shultz, where we fact check the DNC Chair and prove she’s full of hot air.

Christy Paavola
CARLY for America Research Director