NHDP Response to Rand Paul's comments in New Hampshire





CONCORD, N.H. - Today, Rand Paul is in the Granite State today, once again claiming he’s “a different kind of Republican. In an interview with the Union Leader today, he claimed he had a “unique” approach to governing.


In response New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price made the following statement:


“Rand Paul must be kidding when he says he has a ‘unique’ approach. Just like all the other GOP presidential candidates and Kelly Ayotte, he would limit a woman’s access to affordable health care by defunding Planned Parenthood. He’s already proven he is willing to shut down the government to push his extreme views. Paul, like Jeb Bush, believes that income inequality has increased because some people should just ‘work harder and sell more stuff’ - not because his out of touch economic policies prop up the wealthiest few over middle class families. Rand Paul is not a ‘different kind of Republican’ – he’s just another Republican who will make it harder for Granite Staters to get ahead.”