CEI - Cheers to I, Whiskey!

Midnight tonight marks the official close of our I, Whiskey: The Spirit of the Market Indiegogo campaign! We’re so thankful to everyone who’s contributed and helped make sure I, Whiskey becomes a reality.

Have you checked out the project? I hope you will—and consider joining team I, Whiskey before we turn into a pumpkin tonight! 

My colleague and resident George Washington expert, John Berlau, even penned new I, Whiskey themed lyrics to the theme song of the popular television show Cheers, in celebration:

Mount Vernon Cheers: A Song to Commemorate I, Whiskey

I, Whiskey doesn't end with this campaign and we're excited to start working on the film this fall! Be sure to sign up for email updates to find out the release date. I hope you’ll join us in toasting the human spirit!

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