Carly For America - Check it out first: New Infographic

We all know and love Carly for her willingness to stand up to Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media for their lies. We all love Carly for her articulate analysis of the problems our nation faces and the thoughtful solutions she proposes to fix them. We all love Carly for standing up to the professional politicians and the insiders of both parties who further a rigged system that works for them but not for everyone.

But why else should we love Carly?

While many in this race promote their titles, positions or power- Carly has a demonstrated track record of delivering results. She knows how to tackle bureaucracies and transform organizations. She is the only candidate in this race that has the experience to once and for all bring the Federal government down to size.

Check out our new infographic.

The Democrats and their allies in the drive by media would love for you to believe that someone who has spent their entire life in and around government can also transform it- but we all know they can’t. It’s not that they are bad people. It is that they have been a part of the system for too long.

This is why we need a true outsider. An outsider with a demonstrated track record of transforming organizations. Take a look at the infographic we created to highlight Carly’s demonstrated track record of success.

Carly Fiorina is the only candidate in this race with a record of transformational leadership. Learn more all about it by visiting