NH Senate Republican Caucus - NH Senate, House leadership makes compromise proposal to end budget impasse

Offers to fully fund State Employee Contract, pay raise in FY 16-17 budget

Concord, NH – Today, House and Senate leadership offered a compromise budget proposal that would fully fund the State Employee Contract, which includes the pay raise, as part of the FY 16-17 state budget.

“We continue to be concerned by Governor Hassan’s decision to veto the responsible, balanced legislative budget for the State of New Hampshire, however, we feel it is imperative to move forward and enact a FY 16-17 budget as soon as possible. Today, Senate and House Leadership made a strong offer to compromise by agreeing to fully fund the State Employee Contract, including the pay raise, as part of the FY 16-17 state operating budget. We sincerely hope the Governor will accept the proposal and end the budget impasse,” said Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem).

“The budget vetoed by the Governor reflects the needs and priorities of the State of New Hampshire and is a responsible budget that both increases funding for substance abuse treatment, the disabled community, and higher education, while also providing necessary reductions to business taxes to spur job growth and restore the competitive business climate that has been lacking in our state. We must take steps towards implementing a budget for the state as soon as we can,” said Morse.

“We agree with Governor Hassan and recognize the value of our hardworking state employees, which is why we have offered to fully fund their contract, but also include additional legislative oversight and transparency. We hope our offer will garner the Governor’s support and we urge her to encourage a budget veto override on September 16th.  This will allow our communities and citizens in our state to realize the significant benefits included in the legislative budget, like the 75% funding increase for substance abuse treatment and prevention,” said House Speaker Shawn Jasper (R-Hudson).