Ayotte For US Senate - Learn the truth!

I wanted to make sure you saw this great piece highlighting all the ways Planned Parenthood’s current attack ad against Kelly is a total misrepresentation of her record. Let’s spread the truth.—JK
MyTurn: Facts absent in smear campaign against Ayotte

By Jennifer Couture
Conford Monitor
I write in response to an opinion piece written by the vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (Monitor Opinion, Aug. 18), which falsely claims that Republicans, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, want to cut access to women’s health services.
That is absurd, especially given Ayotte’s strong record in support of women’s health issues – including her efforts to protect access to annual mammograms, her leadership on a bill that would make contraceptives available over the counter, and her support for breast cancer and ovarian cancer research.
Let’s talk about the facts…
The truth is the Senate bill would not cut a dime of funding for women’s health. Instead, the measure would simply send the funding that currently goes to Planned Parenthood to women’s health centers, which provide mammograms, cancer screenings, tests for sexually-transmitted diseases and birth control. Information about where to find the center closest to you is available online on the National Association of Community Health Centers’ website. In addition, many low-income women are eligible for Medicaid, which covers women’s health and screening services at private physician offices.
Republicans and Democrats alike agree that use of federal taxpayer dollars to fill the gap in women’s health services for low-income women is an important safety net. And no matter what your political views are, we can all agree that the content of the Planned Parenthood videos is deeply disturbing and raises serious ethical, moral and legal questions. The practices described in these videos should be fully investigated.
The notion that voting to defund Planned Parenthood in any way affects a woman’s access to vital care services is a red herring. It’s a falsehood repeated by an organization that is desperate to do damage control. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing a private organization that engages in these grotesque, disturbing practices, as Planned Parenthood appears to do. Instead, we can support women’s health services by directing funding to the thousands of health centers that do not engage in such troubling activities. It’s as simple as that.
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