NH DHHS - Pease Phase II Testing

NH DHHS Resumes Testing for Individual Who Consumed Contaminated Water on

Pease Tradeport

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

(DHHS) is resuming the testing program for people who may have consumed

drinking water on the Pease Tradeport that was contaminated with

perfluorochemicals (PFCs). PFCs are man-made chemicals that are present in

many household and industrial products. The resumed testing program will

run from now through October 16th, by which time all participants should

have their blood drawn.

In May 2014, PFCs were found at elevated levels in the Haven well at the

Pease Tradeport, which is a former U.S. Air Force base. The well was shut

down immediately by the City of Portsmouth. In response to concerns

regarding the contamination, DHHS conducted a blood testing program to

measure individuals’ PFC levels from April-June 2015, with more than 450

individuals tested. DHHS is resuming the testing program for the next two

months in an effort to provide opportunities to individuals who were unable

to participate in testing last spring.

Individuals interested in participating should call the DHHS Public Inquiry

Line at 603-271-9461603-271-9461 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to sign up.

Those who have previously called and put their name on the list to be

tested do not need to call again as DHHS will send them the paperwork to

begin the testing process.

The testing is being offered as a public service at the request of the

affected community. The science around PFCs is emerging, but as of now,

there is insufficient scientific information to know whether PFCs cause

health problems in people. Most people have some level of these chemicals

in their blood because PFCs are so pervasive in our environment.

DHHS is providing individuals with their test results as soon as those

results are available. This will be the second and final testing round in

order to allow DHHS to analyze the results and present the community with a

final summary report of the entire PFC Testing Program. DHHS will hold a

public meeting after all the results are back to present the aggregate data

to the Pease Tradeport community.

For more information about the PFC testing program, please visit the New

Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website at


For more information about the Pease Superfund site and water monitoring,

visit the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services at



To learn more about the water system at Pease, visit the City of Portsmouth

website at http://www.cityofportsmouth.com/publicworks/phwn.html.