YRNC Wrap and What We've Accomplished Since

YRNC and Beyond!


Dear Young Republicans

I'm humbled to address you as the new Chairman of YRNF, especially during such an exciting time leading into the 2016 elections. Thank you for placing your trust in me for the next two years. 

This email will give you an idea of what took place at YRNC in Chicago, and also what our fantastic leadership team has accomplished in just two weeks. We promised to take action on DAY 1 and we have delivered. 

I look forward to working with each of you as we secure a Republican President in the next election!

Dennis Cook
Young Republican National Federation

We promised to get started on Day 1 and that's exactly what we've done. Below is our checklist of actions we promised, and they have all been marked off.
Check Out the Past Two Weeks.
We had a fantastic time in Chicago for YRNC. Over 500 YRs attended and Gov. Scott Walker won our straw poll. See our full wrap-up plus awards and election results here. 
Texas won the contest to see which state could get the most people tweeting on our hashtag #YRWatchParty. Our hashtag topped both the GOP and the College Republican debate hashtags in number of tweets! In our survey, YRs voted that Marco Rubio won the debate.
IJReview published an op-ed by Chairman Cook called: How a Presidential Candidate Will Win the Youth Vote in 2016. It covers the YRNF Straw Poll, how candidates can reach millennials and our plans for the 2016 election.
We created an interactive map of Young Republican debate watch parties across the country. Check it out here.
Young Republican debate watch parties got lots of coverage from the press. See it cataloged here.
Chairman Cook attended the Fox News primary debate in Ohio. He met with RNC Chair Reince Priebus and was interviewed by NBC. 
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