House Speaker's Podium Receives New Striking Post/Gavels

Concord—The next time that House Speaker Shawn Jasper brings down the gavel to open a session of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, it will be done with a newly crafted gavel and matching striking post carved out of a native New Hampshire walnut tree.  The previous striking post, constructed of laminate particle beam and installed in 1975 during the administration of House Speaker George Roberts, had splintered under the years of wear and tear and needed to be replaced.


“As a student of history, I am delighted that the new striking post was made from a tree native to the Granite State,” said Speaker Jasper.  “Thanks to the fine work of one of our own New Hampshire craftsman,  I am confident that this rugged striking post will remain in Representatives Hall for many years to come.  At the end of the day, it truly was a New Hampshire team effort that made this happen,” added Jasper.


The new five foot striking post and two matching gavels, crafted by Mark Battey of Goffstown,  came from the heart of a 90 year old walnut tree harvested by logger Joe Butts of Allenstown from the property of Manchester resident Eileen Devine.