Jindal For President - Bringing Down the House in Ohio

Jindal for President



What Attendees Are Saying after Hearing Jindal Bring the House Down in Ohio



Governor Jindal won the day today at the Defending the American Dream Summit in Ohio. Here’s some of what the attendees and reporters were saying inside, and the most notable tweet is first with its own screen shot: 


Greg Moore @GregMooreNH
BobbyJindal just lit the house on fire at #Dream15. @AFPhq #nhpolitics


Eye on Politics @EyeOnPolitics
Great speech. People can't get enough of @BobbyJindal #Dream15


Michael Stooksbury @mikestooksbury
I think I just heard one of the best speeches, not only in this race, but so far this century. Thank you, @BobbyJindal . #Dream15


Patriot Rick ‏@Patriot_Rick
WHEW! Jindal raised the roof and the temp. HOT in here now!


Scott Pullins ‏@scottpullins
Governor Bobby Jindal literally mobbed by crowd to shake hands and take pics @afphq #Dream15


Jindal moves up to take Scott Walker's place. Done with Walker.


Rampart Media @RampartMedia
At #dream15 @bobbyjindal just got a HUGE reaction from the crowd. Everyone loved it! #tcot


Santhosh Mathews ‏@santhoshmathews
Bobby Jindal ROCKED the house with an awesome speech! #dream15 @AFPhq


Hans Rodvik ‏@HansRodvik
Governor Jindal just lit up the crowd! They are loving him at #Dream15 


jimgeraghty ‏@jimgeraghty
Jindal's plan to hold sanctuary city mayors criminally liable for crimes committed by illegals within is a BIG applause line.


Kevin Boyd ‏@kevinboyd1984
Bobby Jindal's speech was outstanding at #Dream15.  Better than Jeb


Ashley Killough ‏@KilloughCNN
Jindal says senators aren't ready to be potus just cuz they're good speakers. "I am proud they have large bladders, but that is not enough."


BL Morgan ‏@66Blm
I've got the backbone, bandwidth and experience to get this job done --Bobby Jindal at #Dream15 I believe him


Ashley Killough ‏@KilloughCNN
Jindal at AFP: “I don’t have a famous last name. My dad wasn’t president. I don’t have my own reality show…but I am ready on the first day”


Ashley Killough ‏@KilloughCNN
Jindal: nine governors are running for president on the GOP side. Only one has actually cut spending.


Michael Henry ‏@Mhenry19
Jindal is killin' it in here. #Dream15