Josiah Bartlett Center - NH Primary Myths and Employee Freedom Week

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The Great Myths About the NH Primary

Much of what you know about the New Hampshire primary is wrong or misleading. Six months before the election seems like a good time to sort out some fact and fiction.

Many Granite Staters like to think that New Hampshire has some inherent right to the primary because we pay more attention, are more involved, and take our job more seriously. The story of the noble activist fighting a grass roots battle is best explored in Dayton Duncan’s wonderful portrait Grass Roots: A Year in the Life of the New Hampshire Primary — sadly out-of-print but available used. 
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Happy Employee Freedom Week!

Happy National Employee Freedom Week! This week is a nationwide campaign to let employees know they have the freedom to opt out of paying their union dues. Polling done on this issue shows nationally that 40 percent of union members do not know they have this option. Here in New Hampshire, more union members are aware of this option, but a recent survey shows 25 percent still do not. So if you are one of those people in the 25 percent, and want to leave your union, you have two options: just pay the agency fee, or become a religious objectorClick here to keep reading.