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Hassan Ignores Constituents: A vast majority of Granite Staters support the voter residency bill she vetoed 
Governor Maggie Hassan vetoed a bill earlier this year that would have required all voters to live in New Hampshire for at least 30 days before casting a ballot. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, along with many other organizations, supported the legislation. Even longtime Democratic Secretary of State Bill Gardner endorsed the bill.

The State Senate is expected to take up a vote to override Hassan's veto next month. Thus, it was positive news that WMUR released a Granite State Poll this week, which showed 57 percent of those surveyed supported the bill, while only 28 percent opposed it.

We will keep you informed on the legislative process as the issue gets taken up again next session. Our organization strongly believes a vast majority of Granite Staters support initiatives to protect the integrity of the election process. The real question is, why doesn't Governor Maggie Hassan? 
Defending Ayotte: False attacks from the left misrepresent her record on women's healthcare
Jennifer Couture of Dunbarton submitted a well-written opinion piece to the Concord Monitor this week. It was in contrast to one earlier this month by another individual who made false attacks against Senator Kelly Ayotte regarding Planned Parenthood and women's healthcare.

While we encourage you to read it in it's entirety, we especially agree with the following paragraph:

"The notion that voting to defund Planned Parenthood in any way affects a woman's access to vital care services is a red herring. It's a falsehood repeated by an organization that is desperate to do damage control. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing a private organization that engages in these grotesque, disturbing practices, as Planned Parenthood appears to do. Instead, we can support women's health services by directing funding to the thousands of health centers that do not engage in such troubling activities. It's as simple as that."

Click HERE to read the full column.     
Still Hiding: Is Kuster really this scared of her constituents' tough questions? 
It is a fact that Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) has never held a single town hall during her entire tenure in Congress, so it isn't too surprising that she did not host any meetings over the August congressional recess.

However, it is remarkable that it is now to the point where Congresswoman Kuster is going through so much trouble to hide from her constituents that she won't even post the address to her events online out of fear that those who disagree with her might show up.

Take a look at the details below for one of the only events Congresswoman Kuster has publicized for the months of August and September: 


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