Walker For President - Wraps Up Three-Day New Hampshire Swing

Scott Walker For America


Governor Scott Walker today wrapped up a successful three-day swing through New Hampshire as he makes an aggressive play in the early primary state. Walker started the day by participating in the Politics & Eggs event at St. Anselm College in Manchester and then held a meet and greet with veterans at VFW Post 1617 in Derry. Along the way, he participated in interviews and took questions from reporters. See highlights below.

Governor Scott Walker addresses the crowd at Politics & Eggs in Manchester

Governor Scott Walker talks to veterans in Derry

Governor Walker takes questions from the media in Derry

What They Are Saying:

Washington Post: "The biggest laugh at an Ashland town hall Thursday night probably came after an attendee began a question by referring to the presidential candidate as 'Senator Walker.' 'Gov -- governor,' Walker corrected him, with a smile, as others began to laugh nervously. 'You can call me Scott, just don’t call me Senator. I actually work for a living!' Walker’s low-key demeanor — he was raised in the Midwest as the son of a Baptist preacher — is among his key assets as a candidate, exuding an everyman quality that voters have received warmly on the trail." (Jose DelReal - August 21, 2015)

CBS News: "On a two-day swing through New Hampshire, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has sharpened his attacks on Hillary Clinton over the use of her private email server while she was secretary of state. 'She's either violated the law or she didn't know what that information was, which makes her incompetent,' Walker said at a Politics and Eggs breakfast hosted by Saint Anselm College in Manchester. 'Either of which disqualifies her from being President of the United States,' he added. 'One of our highest officials in this cabinet, with one of the highest levels of responsibility when it comes to the sensitivity of America's national security interests, and she's letting it be freely flowed over an unsecured server?' Walker asked." (Jacqueline Alemany - August 21, 2015)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "Scott Walker told local Republicans that he would not be intimidated by foes across the ocean or across the political aisle, and he promised he’ll fight forces within his own party as needed. The two-term Wisconsin governor added an edge to his anti-Washington talkThursday as he campaigned around New Hampshire. Walker repeated calls for repealing 'Obamacare,' lowering taxes, curbing government regulations and pushing for an 'all-the-above' energy strategy that leverages domestic resources. While touting himself as a proven fighter from his time battling unions in Wisconsin, he wrapped up his remarks before about 100 people at One Mile West restaurant on a positive note. 'I’m an optimist,' he said. 'As angry as people are today, I believe if it was just about anger people would have checked out. I don’t believe people are giving up on America. I’m certainly not.'" (Dan Tuohy - August 20, 2015)

Valley News: "Walker hit upon a number of boilerplate conservative themes including a smaller federal government, more authority for state and local governments, lower taxes, less federal regulation and a stronger military. His criticism of the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, drew a loud applause. 'As I look around this country and the things we need to do to reform government, we need to take the power out of Washington and send it back to the states and back to the people,' Walker said. 'When I talk about what we need to do to grow the economy, it starts first and foremost with repealing Obamacare once and for all.' ... Walker proudly spoke several times about his agenda as governor that has included billions of dollars in tax cuts. He successfully fought for legislation in his first term to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions and subsequently survived a recall effort and won re-election in 2014. 'What I went through a few years ago proves I’m not intimidated by anything,' Walker said at the beginning of his remarks. 'I’m not intimidated by liberal special interests, big union bosses or the establishment in my own party.' On national security, Walker was critical of Obama who he said has 'led from behind' and called for a return to the principles under President Reagan. 'We rebuilt the military, we stood up for our allies, we stood up against our enemies and without apology, stood for stronger American values and that brought about one of the most peaceful times in modern American history.' He also said he would terminate the recently negotiated international nuclear deal with Iran." (Patrick O'Grady - August 21, 2015)

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