Jindal For President - Blasts Illegal Immigration and Takes on Protesters At Soapbox

Jindal for President


Des Moines - Today, Governor Jindal gave a powerful speech on immigration, telling some hard truths to protestors who called for "citizenship now”. Despite this, Governor Jindal spent 15 minutes after his appearance to debate the protestors.  He took a series of tough questions, arguing for securing the border immediately and that legal immigration is better for America's future.

Governor Jindal is the only candidate to spend time with protestors after a Soapbox appearance -- that's because he isn't afraid to hear out those that disagree with him and have a respectful discussion on the issues.

Here's some of the social media coverage:

Kathie Obradovich ‏@KObradovich  2h2 hours ago
@BobbyJindal is getting enthusiasm from crowd for speaking against illegal immigration. #iacaucus

Elizabeth Crisp ‏@elizabethcrisp  56m56 minutes ago
@BobbyJindal confronted by immigration activists asks them to walk with him

Steffi Lee KGANVerified account‏@SteffiSLee
Protestors confronting @BobbyJindal about immigration: @cbs2iowa #IACaucus

Elizabeth Crisp ‏@elizabethcrisp  55m55 minutes ago
@BobbyJindal still engaging with immigration activists @ #IowaStateFair

Elizabeth Crisp ‏@elizabethcrisp  45m45 minutes ago
@BobbyJindal closing discussion with immigration activists: "We'll agree to disagree and that's ok...I appreciate your passion."

Elizabeth Crisp ‏@elizabethcrisp  40m40 minutes ago
Walking thru #IowaStateFair midway and to @gop booth, @BobbyJindal was greeted with "Geaux Bobby!" several times.