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Sen. Forrester: "State wins with a budget veto override"
State Senator Jeanie Forrester, who is the chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee, penned an extremely well-written piece for the Concord Monitor this week regarding the importance of the state Legislature overriding Governor Maggie Hassan's veto of the budget.

In it, Senator Forrester wrote; "On Sept. 16th, the Legislature will return to the State House to vote on Governor Maggie Hassan's veto of the Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget. My hope is that legislators on both sides of the aisle will join together to override the veto so that New Hampshire will have a new budget that best addresses our citizens needs. My fear is that if we don't, people and programs will continue to suffer."

Click HERE to read her entire piece in the Concord Monitor.
Consequences of Hassan's Veto: Hospitals suffer
Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that a new ten-bed crisis unit at New Hampshire Hospital won't open to patients this summer, as previously planned. While construction will be completed this October, and the Republican-passed budget included funding to open the unit, it can't be staffed specifically due to Governor Maggie Hassan's veto of the state's budget.

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Consequences of Hassan's Veto: State parks could have been force to close 
A significant amount of tourism dollars might have been another casualty because of Governor Maggie Hassan's budget veto if it was not for a vote this week by the Legislature to approve emergency funding to keep state parks open.

On Wednesday, New Hampshire Public Radio reported that state parks would be forced to close specifically at a time when tourists visit our state to take in the fall foliage due to a lapse in funding. Fortunately, as reported by the Union Leader, the Legislature acted and state parks will not have to close, however it was yet another reminder of the serious consequences of Governor Maggie Hassan's budget veto.  

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