Jindal For President - Secretary Clinton should take a look in the mirror

Jindal for President

Comparison of pro-life Americans to terrorists exposes Clinton’s hypocrisy on women’s rights

New Orleans, LA - Reacting to Hillary Clinton’s comparison of Americans to foreign terrorists, Governor Bobby Jindal today released the following statement.


"Secretary Clinton must be very confused. She seems to think that the 50% of Americans who oppose abortion are ‘terrorists'. She thinks the people who make money killing unborn babies and selling their body parts are noble.


“Before Hillary Clinton talks about the treatment of women, she should take a look in the mirror and reflect on her own actions. Her foundation has raised money from countries that prevent women from driving, legalize spousal rape, and allow for genital mutilation.  


"Here’s the amazing thing when it comes to terror - while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, her foundation received money from one of the world’s leading financial sponsors of Hamas, a group on the State Department’s own list of banned terrorist organizations.”