Jindal For President - ABC ’s This Week: Hillary Clinton is not above the law

Jindal for President


NEW ORLEANS – This morning Governor Jindal appeared on ABC’s This Week where he blasted Hillary Clinton for expecting to be treated differently when it comes to her private email use. He said Clinton believes legal rules don’t apply to her. You can watch it here.

Governor Bobby Jindal said, “She seems to think the same rules don't apply to her that apply to the others… The real issue here is, she's not above the law. The real issue is that, if any private in the military, if any other government official, had handled classified information the way she is said to have handled classified information, there would have been a court martial… maybe even criminal prosecution… there would have certainly been consequences. She shouldn’t be above the law. There shouldn’t be a different set of rules for our elected leaders than for the rest of us.”

“…This is one of the reasons voters are so angry…. candidates have tapped into this frustration the American people have against this permanent political elite who think the rules don’t apply to them.”