Walker For President - Governor Walker Talks Winning Record at New Hampshire Forum

Scott Walker For America


Good evening all,

In his first opportunity to share the stage with the other 2016 GOP hopefuls, Gov. Walker distinguished himself as a fighter and a winner whose record of conservative accomplishments is unmatched in the field. His performance was calm, cool, collected and commanding. Thousands of voters across the country have witnessed the same thing as they’ve seen Gov. Walker in person on the campaign trail. And as we approach what will be the first of numerous GOP presidential debates, we are excited about the opportunity to introduce Gov. Walker to more voters across the country.

- Rick Wiley
Campaign Manager, Scott Walker for America

In Case You Missed It:

Governor Walker's closing remarks: http://bit.ly/1IUS9Nw

After participating in the Voters First Presidential Forum, Walker talked about the experience with FOX News' Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File." Watch here: http://bit.ly/1K1dhw2

What They Are Saying:

Politico: “Scott Walker sold himself as a ‘fresh face with a proven track record.’" (Eli Stokols – August 3, 2015)

Wisconsin State Journal: “Gov. Scott Walker slammed President Barack Obama's plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions at a rapid-fire Republican presidential candidate forum Monday… Walker was asked about Obama's announcement, made earlier Monday, that he'll implement a so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Walker pounced on the proposal, dubbing it a ‘costly power plan’ that would drive up energy prices. ‘It would be like a buzz saw to the nation's economy,’ Walker said of the proposal.” (Mark Sommerhauser – August 3, 2015)

Associated Press: “President Barack Obama injected another contentious issue Monday  when he unveiled new emissions limits on power plants designed to address climate change. … Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker called the move 'a buzz saw to the nation's economy.’ ‘I want to balance a sustainable environment with a sustainable economy,’ Walker said.” (Kathleen Ronayne & Steve Peoples – August 3, 2015)

CNN: “Walker, who formally entered the now 17-candidate field last month, used the question as an opportunity to pivot back to his message of ‘fighting’ for Americans. The fighting, he said, did not extend to scrapping with other Republicans, however. ‘They don't just want a fighter, they want somebody who can fight and win,’ Walker said.” (Tom LoBianco – August 3, 2015)

On The Twitters:

On Obama's power plant ruling:

@WaPoSean: .@ScottWalker calls Obama climate plan a "buzzsaw" to the economy.

On supporting workers:

@Record_Melissa: Walker asked if he's anti-union and anti-worker. "No I’m pro-worker and pro-taxpayer. … We gave workers the freedom to choose."

@wpjenna: Scott Walker on what he got done in Wisconsin: "We're pro-taxpayer." He says that he took power away from the unions.

On his winning record:

@mviser: Biggest challenge Scott Walker thinks he’s overcome as governor? “Without a doubt taking on the budget deficit.”

@jessieopie: .@ScottWalker: If I had just been about cuts across the board, I probably would have been recalled. #VotersFirst

@woodruffbets: Walker: “We defunded Planned Parenthood long before these videos came out.” That should be a great line for him going forward

On being a fighter and a winner:

@mj_lee: Scott Walker's 30 seconds is about how he's "fought and won." "If we can do it in Wisconsin ... it's not too late for America" #VotersFirst

@GeorgeColli: Scott Walker: "I'm a new fresh face", different because "I fought and I won", took away from special interests and gave back to people.