NHDP - GOP Legislature’s Political Posturing On Budget Blocking Critical Highway Safety Project

Concord, N.H. – Despite their political grandstanding on the issue, it’s Republican legislators like Jeanie Forrester, Chuck Morse and Neal Kurk who are causing unnecessary budget uncertainty for state agencies.
The AP reported Republicans on the Fiscal Committee, “rejected, for example, a request from the Department of Transportation for $674,000 to purchase new equipment in bulk. It also tabled a DOT request for $3.1 million to fulfill existing contracts for several road and bridge projects, including repaving several miles of the turnpike system near Nashua and Concord and replacing guardrails along Route 16. The turnpike resurfacing was scheduled to be completed by September and DOT has already chosen a contractor. Deputy Commissioner Patrick McKenna said he's now working to reschedule parts of the project.”
“In February, Republicans on the Fiscal Committee delayed millions of dollars in federal funds for critical priorities like hiring a drug task force investigator and promoting mental health, and now Republicans’ political posturing is blocking funds for highway safety,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs. “Republicans like Jeanie Forrester, Chuck Morse and Neal Kurk need to stop playing political games that cause unnecessary budget uncertainty and finally work across party lines under the Governor’s leadership to pass a responsible budget that meets the needs of New Hampshire.”