DNC Press Call - Jeb Bush’s Outrageous Comments on Women’s Healthcare

Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire and former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan held a press conference call in response to Jeb Bush stating he is not sure if we need half a billion dollars for “women’s health issues.” Here are a few excerpts as prepared for delivery:


Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire:

As Chair of the Iowa Democrats, as a doctor, and as a mother of seven children, I strongly believe that politics should never interfere with a woman’s ability to access quality, reliable health care. End of story. Unfortunately, we’ve recently seen women’s health care become partisan football again when Iowa Senator Joni Ernst introduced a short-sighted bill in the Senate that put politics ahead of health care accessibility. …

“But apparently, Jeb Bush didn’t believe that bill went far enough.  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that he told a crowd that he wasn’t, quote, sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues. Well I’m a doctor, and let me tell you what I’m sure about: Women’s health issues are some of the most important issues we need to care about as a society. When women are healthy, families are healthy, and that’s good for our economy, for our families, and for our country…

“So Jeb Bush can try to walk back his comments, but he can’t walk back his policies that would make it harder for women in Iowa and across the nation to lead healthy lives.”

Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan:

“Jeb Bush has made it clear that when it comes to women, his policy is just shame and blame - and gutting funding for health services. Hey Governor Bush, here’s a tip - that won’t get you very far in New Hampshire. …

“While Bush claims he ‘mis-spoke’ yesterday, I don’t believe that for one second. His entire record aligns with his outrageous comments. As Governor, Bush vetoed funding for women’s health clinics and programs that help a woman plan a family when she is ready. And he’s clearly ready to do this again. Jeb Bush is lining up with Sen. Kelly Ayotte and state Republicans who continue to spout ideas that are completely out-of-touch with Granite Staters


“So please, Jeb Bush, continue to dismiss the importance of women’s health. But just remember, it’s at your own peril.”