NHDP - Chris Sununu & GOP Executive Councilors Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

Chris Sununu Votes Against Funding Critical Health Services Even After Admitting Women In His District Have No Options Besides Planned Parenthood
Concord, N.H. – After Kelly Ayotte voted for the third time to defund Planned Parenthood, Chris Sununu and Republicans on the Executive Council today followed Ayotte’s lead, voting to defund Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire.
“Following Kelly Ayotte’s lead, Chris Sununu and the Republican Executive Council voted today to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical health services to more than 12,000 New Hampshire women including cancer screenings, breast exams and birth control,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Lizzy Price. “By voting to attack women’s health, Chris Sununu proved that he is more concerned with his own political interests and trying to win a primary for higher office than he is with the health and economic wellbeing of New Hampshire women and families.”
“Even Sununu himself conceded that women in his district have no other choice for the critical health services that Planned Parenthood provides, and it's unconscionalbe that Sununu voted to defund those services. Governor Hassan worked across party to restore funding for Planned Parenthood after the last time Republican men on the Executive Council attacked women’s health services, and Granite Staters will once again hold Republicans accountable for their wildly out-of-touch attacks on critical health services for New Hampshire women and families,” added Price.