Seacoast Eat Local - Sign ups for NH's Community Supported Fishery now open

Eat fresher fish while supporting your fishing community

Living so close to the coast, you’d think it’d be a breeze to get fresh fish caught by local fishermen. But most of the fish you find in stores has taken a journey before it reaches your plate. New Hampshire Community Seafood is working to change that with a model borrowed from local farmers, bringing area consumers the freshest locally caught fish with their Community Supported Fishery (CSF), while supporting local fishermen with a better income.

“The connection between fishermen and consumers benefits everyone, with consumers getting a really high quality fish they can be excited about eating, and they know they are also supporting fishermen in our local fleet, who are struggling with the increasingly strict fishing regulations but are working hard to stay in business,” says Andrea Tomlinson, Manager of NH Community Seafood.

CSF members sign up for six week sessions, and receive their fish once a week at their choice of eighteen different pickup locations throughout New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. The fish varies as it is the “catch of the week,” according to Tomlinson, “we don’t always know what the fish will be until the weekend before we deliver, it is that fresh!” Previous fish has included monkfish, haddock, flounder, dogfish, whiting,  yellowtail, hake, dab, and Acadian redfish. The CSF seeks out fish that is fresh, locally caught, and sustainably harvested, and provides recipes and cooking ideas for the already filleted fish.

Members choose the amount of fish they’d like to receive, from ½ pound, 1 pound, or 2 pound shares, and can choose “add-ons” each week such as extra fish and NH grown oysters if they choose. All the fish and seafood is from NH fishermen.  Tomlinson says, “The website makes it very easy for CSF members to purchase extra add-ons or to ‘hold’ their fish for a week and double up another week  if someone goes on vacation.”

NH Community Seafood member Carol Pivor is thrilled with her weekly CSF share, “I thought I only bought the freshest of fish, but my family has been amazed by the freshness and flavor of the different varieties. We look forward to our "pick-up" day, and can't wait to try the shellfish add-ons.  If you like fish, don't miss this opportunity. And a huge thanks to the fishermen and all who make this happen!”

With healthy eating on the rise, the CSF is a way many people are getting their American Heart Association recommended two weekly servings of seafood. Registered Dietician Nutritionist Sarah Jacobson of Newmarket adds, “If you are trying to get protein into your diet, fish is a nutritional powerhouse with many proven health benefits. While fish provides high quality protein like other types of meat, it stands apart due to its vitamin and mineral content, low calories, and healthy ratio of fats. Fish is a great source of heart protecting omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which are nutrients hard to find in large amounts in other foods. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lower triglyceride levels, protect against the buildup of cholesterol plaque in blood vessels, and play an important part in eye and brain health. Prepare your fish using healthy cooking techniques such as steaming, grilling, baking and broiling, and avoid deep frying or cooking fish with heavy sauces which reduces the health benefits.”

Sign ups for the next 6 week session have just begun. To learn more about NH Community Seafood and sign up for your CSF share visit:


Pasted below and at this link  is a release for New Hampshire Community Seafood's CSF (Community Supported Fishery) program. Sign ups just opened for the next 6 week session. Customers get the freshest fish and we can all support NH's struggling fishing industry. 
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There are 18 pickup locations throughout the state! Map of NH Community Seafood Pickup locations is available online
Jamie Hayward, fisherman of the F/V Heidi Elizabeth out of Portsmouth Harbor, one of the boats that supplies the seafood to NH Community Seafood