Jindal For President - WTAS: Coverage of Governor Jindal ’s Debate Performance

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE – Tonight, Governor Jindal proved he is the only candidate in the race with the backbone, bandwidth and experience to get the job done as President. Here are some of the things people are saying about Governor Jindal’s debate performance:

Stephen Hayes 

Fiorina & Jindal did well and could be on the big stage. I don't think anyone else made that case.
5:24 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Brian Wilson 

Again, Jindal impresses.
4:16 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Brian Wilson 

Best performance I've ever seen from Jindal. Crisp.
4:07 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Don Teague 

Governor Jindal on the war on terror: "We are going to take the political handcuffs off the military." #GOPDebate
4:16 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Laura Ingraham 

Both @CarlyFiorina and @BobbyJindal did very very well. Countdown to candidates dropping out shd begin tmrw.
5:35 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Jon Scott 

"Sometimes you win a war by killing murderous, evil terrorists." --Gov. Bobby Jindal #GOPDebate
4:19 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Chris Cillizza 

Rankings: 1. Carly 2. Jindal. None of the rest matter.
4:54 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Chris Cillizza 

Jindal did the most with the least. https://twitter.com/DomenicoNPR/status/629419865431015424 …

T.J. Holmes 

Jindal forcefully criticizing Pres Obama for not calling out "radical Islamic terrorism." #GOPDebate
4:16 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Guy Benson 

Really liked Jindal's Medicaid answer. Specific and substantive. I'm...skeptical that Pataki would've passed on expansion. #GOPDebate
4:44 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Stuart Rothenberg @StuPolitics
Usual, Jindal substantive.
4:16 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Taegan Goddard @politicalwire
Outperforming so far: Fiorina, Jindal Underperforming: Perry
4:17 PM - 6 Aug 2015

Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman
Jindal might have had the best day 1 answer.
5:05 PM - 6 Aug 2015