“Confident” … “Strong Answers” … “Seized A Moment” … “Shined”


The Associated Press’ Jill Colvin And Thomas Beaumont: “[Perry] Appeared Confident…” “[Perry] appeared confident and well-rehearsed, especially on the issue of immigration, and repeatedly talked about his record as governor of Texas — the nation's biggest red state.” (The Associated Press, 8/6/15)
Dallas Morning News’ Christy Hoppe: “Perry Gave Stronger Answers.” “A little later, Perry gave stronger answers.” (Dallas Morning News, 8/6/15)
San Antonio Express-News’ Bill Lambrecht And Kevin Diaz: “[Perry] Seized A Moment That Was Given To Him…” “Rick Perry didn’t make the main stage in the first GOP presidential debate Thursday, but he seized a moment that was given to him to take aim at Donald Trump and try to persuade voters he is ready to be president.” (San Antonio Express-News, 8/6/15)
The Hill’s Cristina Marcos: “Perry Delivered What Many Viewed To Be A Strong Performance In The ‘Happy Hour’ Debate.” (The Hill, 8/6/15)
CNN’s Maeve Reston: “[Governor Perry] – Also Doing Well With The Zingers Tonight.” (, 8/6/15)
McClatchy’s Maria Recio: “Perry Made A Case For Securing The Border And For His Job-Creating Record In Texas.” (McClatchy, 8/6/15)

  • McClatchy: “Perry Has Strong Performance” (McClatchy, 8/6/15)

Washington Examiner’s David Drucker: “Arguably Shined On The Issue Of Illegal Immigration…” “Perry escaped the faceoff without a major misstep and arguably shined on the issue of illegal immigration.” (Washington Examiner, 8/6/15)
CBS Dallas Headline: “Perry’s Performance Praised During Early Presidential Debate” (KTVT-TV, 8/6/15)
Fox News Latino’s Andrew O’Reilly: “Perry Made It Clear… That He Believes That He Is The Only Presidential Candidate That Has The Experience And The Plan To Secure The… Border.” “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry made it clear late Thursday afternoon that he believes that he is the only presidential candidate that has the experience and the plan to secure the United States' southern border.” (Fox News Latino, 8/6/15)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Daniel Malloy: “Perry Talked Up Texas’ Economic Growth And A Muscular Foreign Policy…” “Now bespectacled and by his estimation better-studied, Perry talked up Texas’ economic growth and a muscular foreign policy.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/6/15)