Walker For President - #GOPDebate: Gov. Scott Walker Takes On Hillary, Shows Presidential Potential

Scott Walker For America

Cleveland, Ohio – Gov. Scott Walker delivered a strong, steady, and most of all, presidential performance at the Fox News debate tonight. Walker devoted his time on stage to taking on Democrat Hillary Clinton and sharing his record of reform and results in Wisconsin. See highlights of the debate below.

In Case You Missed It:

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What They Are Saying:

: Walker Focuses On Clinton During 10-Way GOP Presidential Debate: “Walker said Republicans should be spending a lot of time on Clinton, because ‘Everywhere in the world that Hillary Clinton touched is more messed up today than before she and the president took office.’ The line, which he regularly uses in his stump speech, drew applause from the audience. The guv received one of his best responses of the night when asked how he would respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin’s took actions to destabilize NATO allies such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Walker used the question to get in another dig on Clinton, noting a recent cyberattack by Russia.” (JR Ross – August 6, 2015)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker focused his criticism not on his fellow Republicans, but on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. When asked about national security, Walker said, "It's sad to think, but right now Russia and the Chinese government know more about Hillary Clinton's email server than members of the United States Congress." The second-term Republican governor also touted his everyman image, saying in his closing statement that he's "a guy with a wife and two kids and a Harley," and noting that he's been described as "aggressively normal." (Mary Spicuzza & Patrick Marley – August 8, 2015)

National Review: "Scott Walker won with 'I defunded Planned Parenthood long before any of these videos came out.' In his closing statement, he described himself as 'aggressively normal.' He really does seem unflappable, no matter the question or the arena. To some people, that might come across as boring. But if our tastes have changed to the point where we dismiss Walker because he’s not flashy enough, we’re throwing out a good talent. (Jim Geraghty – August 6, 2015) 

Washington Examiner: "In Thursday night's debate, he came across as more honest and relatable than the other candidates, as he usually does." (Timothy P. Carney – August 6, 2015)

New York Times
: “Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin deftly defended an absolutist position against abortion while boasting of his three statewide victories in his own swing state. … Mr. Walker appeared fluent on policy…” (Patrick Healy & Jonathan Martin – August 6, 2015)

On The Twitters:

@wpjenna: Scott Walker also went after Hillary Clinton much more than anyone else. His message was clear: He knows how to fight Democrats.

@AriFleischer: Walker's line on Hillary's server is the best line of the night so far.

@LATSeema: Walker gets in a dig that the Russians or Chinese know more abt Hillary's emails than Congress. [T]he crowd likes it. #gopdebate

@mateagold: Good Walker zinger on Hillary emails

@hughhewitt: Judging by Twitter, @ScottWalker just passed @marcorubio and @JohnKasich w/ @HillaryClinton and bayonets line

@LukeRussert: Walker ready for #IranDeal Q-strong answer, says he'd tear up deal and put forward new sanctions.

@stephenfhayes: Walker embraces "aggressively normal" in his close. And his #Harley.

@jameshohmann: Walker close: I'm a guy with a wife and two kids and a Harley. #HesJustLikeUs