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Maggie Hassan: Not a friend to the NH commuter
Maggie Hassan has consistently tried to have it both ways with regards to policies that would force Granite Staters to pay more to register and operate their vehicles. Despite Hassan's rhetoric, her record shows that that she is no friend to the vast majority of New Hampshire families that drive each day.
When considering a hike in the state's gas tax, on the trail, Maggie Hassan was once quick to tell a tourism group "that any increase in the gas tax or tolls is unlikely in the near future." Governor Maggie Hassan then flip-flipped in less than two years and signed a 23% increase in the gas tax into law.
Granite Staters already pay some of the highest motor vehicle fees in the country, so it is understandable why, at one point, Governor Maggie Hassan was "noncommittal" to the press about an initiative that included an increase in the the state's vehicle registration fees. However, on three separate occasions, even as early as 2009, Maggie Hassan proposed or supported legislation that would raise it significantly.

Click HERE to see a full timeline and more information on Governor Maggie Hassan disastrous record on issues that impact Granite State commuters.

A Federal Gas Tax Hike: Maggie Hassan's next assault on the NH commuter? 
In recent months, Governor Hassan has been making it abundantly clear she is more focused on climbing the political ladder than her job as the chief executive of the Granite State. Considering her already abysmal record on issues impacting New Hampshire commuters, our organization is growing increasingly concerned with Maggie Hassan's refusal to answer a question she dodged back in 2014 regarding an increase in the federal gas tax.

"When asked whether she thought Washington lawmakers should raise the federal gas tax to stabilize highway funding, Hassan said New Hampshire had found support from both parties in funding transportation, something that she hoped Congress would do as well." (RobWolfe, "Hassan: Gas Tax Helps State; NH Governor Sees Benefit To Economy," Valley News, 4/16/14)

Granite Staters are tired of career politicians like Maggie Hassan who say one thing, but do another. They deserve leaders who are forthright and have no reservations about telling them their positions on issues such as a harmful hike in the federal gas tax. However, with the governor, they have yet another liberal Washington puppet who is more concerned with climbing the political ladder than doing what is right for New Hampshire families.

You can read more at our website by clicking HERE.
Shaheen and Planned Parenthood: Two Contradictory Statements
Planned Parenthood has come under increased scrutiny after a group continued to release more videos this week that showed the organization making money off of the sale of fetal tissue. In response, there was a vote on Monday in the US Senate to stop providing Planned Parenthood with federal funds. That initiative failed 53-46. After the vote, US Senator Shaheen, who did not support the legislation, released a statement through her federal office in Washington, D.C. In her quote, Shaheen said the videos were "highly edited."
Interestingly enough, John McCormack at the Weekly Standard caught up with Senator Jeanne Shaheen and directly asked her about the Planned Parenthood video tapes. "I have not seen them," Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire told McCormack after the vote.
Granite Staters deserve an immediate explanation from Senator Shaheen. How could she vote against the bill and call the Planned Parenthood videos "highly edited," while also admitting she never saw them?

You can read more at our website by clicking HERE, and in the press at by clicking HERE or in Girard-At-Large's coverage by clicking HERE.

You can also contact Senator Jeanne Shaheen's office and ask her about the contradictory statements yourself by calling 603-647-7500.

Fortunately, at least with regards to state funding, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted 3-2 to de-fund Planned Parenthood on Wednesday. We applaud Councilors Wheeler, Kenney, and Sununu for their principled vote.  

Article in Forbes Blasts Hassan: Her veto will hurt NH's economy
"Live free or . . . move to another state?" That's the question Mr. Travis Brown asks in his Forbes commentary piece this week titled, "Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan's Veto May Soon See Companies and Jobs Fleeing New Hampshire."

In the article, Mr. Brown focuses on Governor Hassan's harmful veto of legislation that would change our state's business tax structure to make New Hampshire friendlier to both large corporations and start-ups.

Be sure to click HERE to read the full article.

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