Jindal For President - Jindal Fires Back at Hillary Clinton on Immigration

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE — After appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation yesterday and calling for assimilation in immigration, Governor Jindal was attacked by Hillary Clinton surrogate Joaquin Castro. This morning, Governor Jindal is firing back.

Gov. Jindal said, “Yesterday on CBS, I said those who come here should want to be Americans — they should assimilate, roll up their sleeves and get to work. I said that immigration without assimilation is invasion.  When did it become politically incorrect to say immigrants should want to be Americans? You either want to become an American and be all in, or you don’t. Let's insist on being the melting pot. Let's forget this politically correct liberal notion that we're not a melting pot anymore.

“What part of my statement about immigration without assimilation does Hillary Clinton disagree with? Does she think that people who come here shouldn’t have to learn English and adopt our values? Or that they shouldn’t get to work?  Who is Hillary Clinton defending? Who is she trying to protect?

“The idea of America is slipping away because we refuse to stand up for our values and beliefs and because of this notion that we need to be politically correct and that we should allow people to come here without assimilating.” 


Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Iowa yesterday, Joaquin Castro attacked Governor Jindal’s immigration position for not being politically correct enough for liberals: 

 Danny Freeman @DannyEFreeman

.@JoaquinCastrotx calls out #Jindal's "Immigration without assimilation is invasion" stump line: "Who decides who is assimilated enough?" 

Watch the CBS interview with Gov. Jindal to see him discuss why immigration without assimilation is invasion.