NHDP - Welcome to New Hampshire, Sen. Cruz!






Ted Cruz Touts his “Conservative Credentials” in the Granite State, but the Truth is They’re All the Same


CONCORD, N.H. - Sen. Cruz has been touting his “conservative credentials” in the Granite State today, but don’t let him fool you. His positions are right in line with the other Republican candidates - and out-of-line with New Hampshire voters.


“Welcome to New Hampshire, Sen. Cruz! While you spend your day trying to convince others that you are different from your fellow Republicans, let’s face it - that clown car may be full, but your out-dated, backwards positions that keep hard-working Granite State families from getting ahead are one in the same, and are completely out of touch with New Hampshire voters,” said Lizzy Price, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director.


Planned Parenthood


While 60% of Granite Staters have a favorable opinion of Planned Parenthood and health care providers   agree that Planned Parenthood provides much-needed health care in New Hampshire that other providers couldn’t meet, Republicans continue their backwards fight against women’s health. Just look at their positions:



Climate Change


While 60% of Granite State voters support policies that encourage increased production of energy using renewable sources, Cruz and his Republican colleagues can’t even accept the fact that human activity contributes to climate change. Take a look: