Jindal For President - ICYMI: Coverage of Gov. Jindal ’s Trump Takedown at National Press Club

Jindal for President


WASHINGTON – Here’s some of the coverage of Governor Jindal calling out Donald Trump for only caring about one thing: himself. Read more here:

The Hill: Jindal: Trump insecure, weak and dangerous

The Hill: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday unloaded on fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling the front-runner "insecure," "weak" and "dangerous." "It's clear Donald Trump has never read the Bible. The reason we know he's never read the Bible? He's not in the Bible," Jindal said in one attack line.

CNN: Bobby Jindal: Time to send Trump back to reality TV

CNN: Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal unleashed Thursday a relentless string of attacks on GOP front-runner Donald Trump, calling him a "non-serious carnival act" who should return to reality TV after a summer fling with politics.

NBC: Bobby Jindal Calls Trump An Unstable Narcissist

NBC: Along with the speech, Jindal's campaign released two web videos mocking Trump. One is a mashup of all the things Trump has said he loves throughout the campaign, ending with an "Anchorman" clip of absentminded weatherman Brick Tamland saying "I love lamp." The other compares Trump's promises of winning to actor Charlie Sheen during the notoriously outrageous interviews the actor did in 2011.

The Right Scoop: WHOA! Bobby Jindal just launched a FULL ALL OUT ASSAULT on Donald Trump

The Right Scoop: He was speaking at the National Press Club today and completely eviscerated Donald Trump. He started out by saying that he likes the idea of Trump calling out the establishment and that his diagnosis on Washington DC is correct. He finds the Trump show very entertaining and says he even laughed when he gave out Lindsey Graham’s phone number. But while his diagnosis is good, Jindal says Trump’s prescription of himself is not what America needs.

The Right Scoop: But then he lit into Trump, calling him a narcissist who only cares about ‘Trump’ and says the only reason he likes Kanye West is because West likes Trump. Jindal notes that like all narcissists, Trump is really weak and insecure and afraid of being exposed.

Washington Examiner: Bobby Jindal: Trump is a shallow, unstable narcissist

Washington Examiner: Bobby Jindal on Thursday took a meat axe to the Republican presidential front-runner in a speech delivered at the National Press Club in Washington, attacking Donald Trump as a shallow, unstable narcissist who would hand the election to the Democrats.

Washington Examiner: Louisiana's governor … didn't pull any punches, and his attacks on Trump, a billionaire New York real estate mogul and reality television star, went beyond the ideological. Jindal called Trump "egomaniacal," "unserious," "full of bluster" and lacking the "intellectual curiosity to even learn.”

Politico: Jindal calls Trump practically every name in the book

Politico: The danger in Trump's candidacy, Jindal remarked, is that, "ironically," he "could destroy America's chance to be great again."

Politico: "He is not a serious man," Jindal said, remarking that it is time for Republicans and Americans to "fire" Trump. “Just because a lot of people like watching Kim Kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the White House either," he said, taking aim at the former reality-show host.

Washington Times: Bobby Jindal slams Donald Trump: ‘Narcissist,’ ‘egomaniac’

Washington Times: Mr. Jindal, speaking at the National Press Club, said that too much is riding on the 2016 election for conservatives to nominate Mr. Trump, saying the former “Apprentice” star does not believe in limited government. “Here is the problem: Donald Trump is not a serious candidate,” the 44-year-old said. “He is a narcissist. He is an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself.”

Washington Times: Mr. Jindal, meanwhile, described himself as a leader who is willing to say things about Mr. Trump that others think and know, but are afraid to say.