Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn today called on House and Senate Democrats to stand with home health providers and override Governor Hassan's irresponsible veto of the state budget. The Associated Press reports that the Home Care Association of New Hampshire is urging Democrats to override Governor Hassan's veto.
"Home health care providers explicitly warned Governor Hassan that a veto of the state budget would hurt seniors who need help to stay in their homes. It is shameful that the governor refuses to compromise with the Legislature and is willing to hold millions of dollars in increased funding for health care providers hostage to her political ambitions. It's time for House and Senate Democrats to stand up for New Hampshire seniors by overriding Governor Hassan's reckless veto and allow the budget to become law," said Chairman Horn.
Gina Balkus, CEO of The Home Care Association of New Hampshirewarned Governor Hassan against a veto in June, calling it the "best budget we've seen in years."
Associated Press: "Home Health Care Providers Are Urging Democrats To Override Gov. Maggie Hassan'sBudget Veto" "Home health care providers are urging Democrats to override Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget veto if a compromise isn't reached by next week." (Staff, "Home health providers urge Democrats to override budget veto," Associated Press, 9/9/15)
  • "The Home Care Association Of New Hampshire Says The Budget Impasse Is Hurting Seniors Who Need Help To Stay In Their Homes. The Vetoed Budget Included A 5 Percent Rate Increase For Providers And $1.8 Million In Back Payments. Gina Balkus, The Group's Chief Executive, Says Providers Are Struggling To Cover Costs." (Staff, "Home health providers urge Democrats to override budget veto," Associated Press, 9/9/15)
Concord Monitor: "Best Budget We've Seen In Years" "'This is really, from our perspective, the best budget we've seen in years,' said Gina Balkus, an advocate for home health agencies. 'We hope our needs don't get lost in the political fray that results from a veto.'" (Allie Morris, "Health, social service backers silent on Hassan budget veto threat," Concord Monitor, 6/21/15)