Sununu For Governor - Democrats need to vote to override Governor's budget veto



EXETER, NH - Today, Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, Republican candidate for governor, issued the following statement regarding the state budget.
"Governor Hassan's politically motivated veto of the state budget is hurting essential social services and blocking funding that would benefit our most vulnerable citizens. Home health care providers are just the latest coalition to call for an override of Maggie Hassan's veto.
Senate President Chuck Morse and Speaker Shawn Jasper, and their leadership teams, put together a responsible budget that provides much needed funding for vital areas, including services for mental health and the developmentally disabled. They did so while also lowering the tax burden on New Hampshire's businesses and creating an economic climate that will support future job growth.
Funding for social services, such as nursing care for seniors, is too important and should not take a backseat to the governor's political games. The pleas of the affected are loud and clear. Senate Democrats need to do the right thing and vote to override the governor's misguided veto."