Watchdog - Did the EPA lie to Congress?


CO mine owner: EPA lied in congressional hearing

The owner of the Gold King Mine says an EPA official lied during a congressional hearing when he said the agency responded to a mine “cave-in,” when in fact EPA contractors created the disaster by barricading the mine last summer.
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Big guns, big money coming out as battle over the crude oil export ban intensifies
What do Vladimir Putin, Robert Menendez and 10 other members of the U.S. Senate have in common? They’re all targets of a massive and expensive media campaign waged over the 40-year-old ban on U.S. crude oil exports.


Why shouldn’t Missouri become the 26th right-to-work state?
Union organizers who couldn’t persuade a majority of Missouri lawmakers to vote against right-to-work are bent on stopping a two-thirds majority from overriding Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto.


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Michigan becomes second state to lose its mind over beer label
You'd think people would be able to tell the difference between baby formula and beer. But common sense hasn't stopped Michigan and New Hampshire from losing their minds over the label on Founders Brewery’s Oatmeal Breakfast Stout,


Overruled: Judge orders Christie to release 'valuable asset'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has lost another court battle in his attempt to keep his strategic list of 2,500 media contacts secret. The list is a key cog in his taxpayer-funded publicity machine.
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Can a third party win statewide elections? Here’s one state where it could happen


A third party organization called the Independent Party of Oregon is making waves after registering 5 percent of the electorate. But can the party win a statewide election?



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Decriminalization: The way forward for New Jersey municipalities

The Asbury Park city council has supported legalizing marijuana, but given Governor Chris Christie's opposition to legalization, it is largely a symbolic gesture.

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