Jindal For President - Revealed: Trump ’s foreign policy and military briefing material

Jindal for President


BATON ROUGE – As Donald Trump prepares to give his first speech on foreign policy today, his sources of information and advice have been revealed in a new web video from the Jindal Campaign.

The secret as he prepares? Television shows.

In the video, Trump tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he watches "all of the shows" and finds it to be a “really fascinating subject." He says that seeing Generals and "all sorts of people” and "the Colonel stuff” has allowed him to learn a lot.

Trump goes on to reveal that his reading material includes “the various newspapers and magazines."

The web video also shows a sneak-peak of Trump watching some of his favorite military documentaries.

Watch the web video here

Jindal Campaign Manager Timmy Teepell said:

“As The Donald has himself told us, he’s 'the most militaristic person ever,’ and now we know why."

“We can look forward to a spellbinding speech, knowing that Donald Trump has been briefed by the finest foreign policy minds in hollywood and the media."