Women's Defense League of NH - Veto Override





The Women’s Defense League of NH will hold a press conference Wednesday, September 16, at 9:30, in the lobby of the Legislative Office building.

There, it will challenge Democrat legislators to put principle over party and vote to override Governor Hassan’s veto of SB 116, a bill that will correct the brutal, lawless history of NH’s pistol licensing statute.

Enacted to punish ethnic minorities after a rancorous 9-month long strike, it banned them from owning or possessing a firearm, even for self-defense. It made the carrying of loaded firearms discretely by all other NH residents subject to local law enforcement's interpretation of the term “suitable.”

Today the law still acts in the same manner allowing the government to discriminate 'at will' with the only recourse an expensive trip to the court house. The New Hampshire Legislature fought for their constituents by ending this decades-old discriminatory practice but Governor Hassan decided to continue it. 

It's now in the hands of Democrat legislators to vote to remove this historically horrific law from the books once and for all.

The League provides women opportunities to learn practical self-defense skills and defends 2nd Amendment rights.