Bush For President - ICYMI: Jeb's plan for reform and growth


Jeb 2016!


With the second GOP debate upon us, I want to remind you that last week, Jeb announced his plan for economic growth and reform, which will simplify the tax code and put millions of Americans back to work. Jeb’s plan is built from experience, not rhetoric. As Florida’s Governor, Jeb cut $19 Billion in taxes, passed eight balanced budgets, and fostered economic growth that led Floridians to see their family incomes rise by more $1,300.

Under Jeb’s new plan, Americans will see the lowest tax rate since President Ronald Reagan: More than 42 million middle class families will get a 33% cut in their income tax rate.

Jeb will take aim at the special favors and loopholes that clog up the tax code and cost all of us. Special interest and lobbyists in Washington and Wall Street may not like it, but hardworking taxpayers will.

Americans who are starting up a business can immediately write off a piece of equipment that increases productivity, leading to more cash to hire employees and put toward start-up costs.

The best part: Jeb can do it because he's done it before. He is a trusted reformer, and an experienced tax-cutter.

Jeb’s plan is for the American people, not the Washington insiders. Won’t you sign up to help Jeb win in New Hampshire?

Also, please make sure to watch Jeb’s video detailing his plan HERE.

More more information on Jeb’s plan for reform and growth, visit: jeb2016.com/reformandgrowth. Please share with your friends and family!