Carly For America - Carly Fiorina Just Won the Debate – Again

CARLY for Americ


MANCHESTER, NH – Tonight, CNN hosted the second official Republican Primary debate in Simi Valley, California.  Carly Fiorina joined ten other Republican candidates on the main debate stage, which was moderated by CNN anchor Jake Tapper, CNN Senior Political Correspondent Dana Bash, and radio personality Hugh Hewitt.
New Hampshire Businesswoman Gerardine Ferlins:
“After her performance in last month’s debate, the pressure was on for Carly Fiorina to bring her A Game – and she didn’t disappoint. Once again, Carly Fiorina took to the debate stage tonight and absolutely wowed the crowd.  She demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our nation today and offered actual solutions instead of the political platitudes we usually get from career politicians.  It’s time we have a real leader in the White House and that leader is Carly Fiorina.”
New Hampshire State Representative Will Infantine:


“It’s no wonder Carly Fiorina is on the rise in The Granite State. Her rise from a secretary to a CEO epitomizes the American dream and proves Carly has the drive and the intellect to lead our country.  Carly’s performance in tonight’s debate is exactly what we in New Hampshire have seen every time she has come to our state.  Carly is sharp, she is smart, and she is not afraid to give honest answers to the tough questions. After tonight’s performance, expect to see Carly’s star continue to rise in New Hampshire and across the country.”