NH Senate Republican Caucus - Democrats vote to uphold “Drive By Voting” in NH.

Carson disappointed by sustained veto of voter residency bill


Concord, NH – Today, the Senate was unable to overturn the veto on SB 179, which would have required a 30-day residency for voting purposes in New Hampshire.


Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) released a statement following the vote.


“I am disappointed that the Senate was unable to come together to override legislation that would have restored meaningful elections to the citizens of New Hampshire. Requiring a 30-day residency for voting purposes would work to clarify and ensure that legal residents, invested in their communities can affect change. This legislation was also designed to reduce incidences of voter fraud in the form of drive-by-voting without infringing on an individual’s right to vote in open and free elections in New Hampshire,” said Senator Sharon Carson (R- Londonderry).


“This legislation, which passed both the House and the Senate, was crafted alongside New Hampshire’s Secretary of State William Gardner, who was fully supportive of implementing a residency requirement because it would strengthen the meaning of the votes cast in the state.”