NH Charter Schools - Charter school funding update - budget passed

September 17, 2015
Dear charter school parents & supporters,

With the signing of the state budget, increased funding for public charter schools has finally become law. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools do not receive local taxpayer support and their funding formula is static. This update to the funding formula represents the first significant increase in per pupil funding in over six years.
We would like to take a moment to thank all of the parents, teachers, supporters and state legislators that have worked so hard to give New Hampshire's children exciting new options in public education.

So what does this mean for your school?
Your public school will receive an additional $36 per pupil this school year (2015/16) and an additional $1,036 per pupil beginning in the 2016/17 school year.
Future updates and discussion
In the coming weeks we will reflect on the long journey that has led us to this point. We will discuss the strong bipartisan support charter schools received in the House and the disappointing polarization that we saw in the State Senate. Unlike the House, not a single senate democrat voted to support increased funding on the floor of the senate or in committee. Change is possible but it will require that parents educate themselves on these issues and hold both political parties accountable.