NHDP - This Week: Governor Hassan Secures Passage of Fiscally Responsible Budget Deal





Compromise Contains Fiscally Responsible Safeguards Against Lost Revenue While Including Vast Majority of Governor’s Proposed Priorities

Concord, N.H. – This week, Governor Hassan secured passage of a fiscally responsible, bipartisan budget deal that will keep New Hampshire’s economy moving forward.
Nashua Telegraph editorial highlighted the important safeguards contained in the compromise budget, noting: “Business tax cuts are included in the budget, along with a method to cancel them if state revenues don't hit certain levels.”
And an editorial in the Keene Sentinel called this solution a “sensible compromise,” adding that the state is “better off for it.”  
Crucially, the fiscally responsible budget also includes the vast majority of the priorities that Governor Hassan identified in her budget back in February.
Republican House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan noted that when it came to funding for critical economic priorities, “in the end, the Republican Legislature met the governor 99 percent of the way.”
Republican Speaker Shawn Jasper has also said that the investments in critical priorities are “a lot closer to where the Governor started out than where we were” in the House.