NRSC - Maggie Hassan’s Bad Week



Her Veto Override as Embarrassing as It Is Historic

Good Morning,

After months of depriving New Hampshire of critical funding increases and fiscal certainty, Governor Maggie Hassan resorted to pressuring her own party into overriding her own veto this week. The override of Hassan's veto is as embarrassing as it is historic.

As New Hampshire Public Radio notesThis marks the first time a budget veto has ever been overridden in New Hampshire.

The Portsmouth Herald editorial board also slammed Hassan's "needless budget impasse" this morning: Gov. Hassan's needless budget impasse comes to an end...On June 24, the day before New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed the budget, we urged her to reconsider...Given the state’s dangerous opiate abuse epidemic we were particularly concerned about delaying a major increase in funding for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs. Also hanging in the balance were road and highway projects along with raises for home health care workers, who had not seen an increase in more than a decade.

Given her affinity for gridlock and partisanship, it's no wonder why Maggie Hassan longs for Washington, DC and has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Granite Staters will favor those who make Washington look more like New Hampshire, instead of a failed governor who makes Concord look more like Washington.

Inflicting unnecessary suffering on New Hampshire does not exude leadership – it defies it.