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Alfonso Aguilar on CNN: Donald Trump’s Wild Immigration Promises

“I think it’s healthy for a democracy for people to become citizens. Sadly, I think the administration went overboard. A full-fledged campaign from the White House telling people to become a citizen, I think it is politicizing the naturalization process.”
-Alfonso Aguilar in the NYT

John Kasich on ‘Exploiting’ Student Privacy in Ohio: ‘I Have No Clue’

At a recent campaign stop, John Kasich was confronted about his grade on APIA's Common Core report card. Breitbart covered the exchange.

Fiorina, Cruz, and Santorum Confirmed to Speak at Federalism Forum

The next “Practical Federalism – 2016: Stand and Fight” forum will take place on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 at Southern New Hampshire University.

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Donald Trump: Political Grifter
By Alfonso Aguilar

Alfonso Aguilar poses the question: "Why are we still taking Trump seriously?"

"Recently, Trump called for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants again, while at the same time releasing an immigration plan on his campaign website in which he proposes to build a wall along our southern border, end birthright citizenship and cut legal immigration.

These are hardline views. But it's hard to take anything Trump says seriously when he's taken so many positions on the issue of immigration."

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The Free Lunch That Never Was
By Terry Schilling

"Yesterday, the Federal Open Market Committee once again confirmed that they are unable to normalize the federal funds rate. The Fed promised they could save us in 2008 and then reverse policy later. Seven years after the fact, that’s still not the case. This is a clear sign that something is seriously wrong."

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Is Common Core Losing its Luster?

Jane Robbins, a Senior Fellow at APIA, discusses the decline in support for Common Core:

"I think this is something that parents are starting to get very concerned about and we expect to see it happening increasingly."

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Upcoming Federalism Forum Tackles Federal Overreach

Breitbart News Network is joining American Principles Project (APP) and Cornerstone Action as sponsors of a forum centered on the principles of federalism. The forum will address the problem of federal overreach in the areas of health care, land use, education, and more.

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