Jindal For President - South Carolina: DC Republicans Gave Up Before They Even Started

Jindal for President


In South Carolina, Governor Jindal brought South Carolinians to their feet when he said we have to fire the so-called "leaders" in DC who have continued to turn their backs on conservative principles. He said while establishment Republicans continue to break promises, Democrats have the courage and guts to stand up for what they believe in time after time.  Jindal said it's time for new leadership - and he is the man to bring it to Washington. You can watch the video here.

Governor Jindal said, “A socialist is running for President and doing well. If you wanted to know how bad we are, thats all you need to know. But the Republicans are worse. They’re the surrender caucus… they gave up before the fight started… Mitch McConnell’s already given up the fight against Planned Parenthood. They refuse to stand against this bad deal that will allow Iran to become a nuclear power… Folks, they’re the surrender caucus. I wish they had half the guts, half the courage, half the backbone the Democrats had… Now I don’t like anything Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Obama has done… but I wish the Republicans had half the courage and half the conviction to fight for us."